Hi, I'm Louise

I like to make things! I'm a product designer with over 8 years of experience.

Case studies

The Code Club World logo.

Code Club World

Code Club World is a learn-to-code platform for young people aged 9-13. I was design lead while working at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The Planet Coaster logo.

Planet Coaster Console

Planet Coaster Console is a theme park management game that I worked on as Lead UI Designer during my time at Frontier Developments.

The Jurassic World Evolution logo.

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a park management game that I worked on as Lead UI Designer during my time at Frontier Developments.

Code Club World


The Challenge

Create a new direct-to-learner product to help young people learn programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. The beta was to be conceptualised, developed and released in a 4 month period. This was a unique project as we were given a great deal of freedom, meaning stakeholder interviews were not part of the process.

The Team

My role was to act as a design lead, working with the core team to define the features of the product, and to define how it would work. The other members of the team included a Product Manager, a team of engineering contractors, a design contractor, the Director of Learning and the Director of Innovation.


Collated relevant user research which we had conducted on similar products. This allowed us to know we were addressing pain points felt by real users.
Conducted a competitor analysis on several products which existed in the edtech space, and mapped these against what we wanted to achieve with our own product.
Created user flow diagrams and wireframes to communicate and test ideas quickly.
Supported weekly user tests, enabling desirability testing, validation of early wireframes and user testing of prototypes.
Designed surveys to collect information from our tester community.


Through iterative development successfully created a responsive block coding environment which would work in mobile and desktop browsers.
Worked with a design contractor to define a design system of reusable components in Figma.
Provided art direction and created illustrations and graphic design for the product. Art direction was iterated upon based on testing and surveys to appeal to the 9-13 age range.
Created a map to connect the different learning materials of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in a visual way which was engaging to young people.
Collected feedback gained from user testing and internal workshops to create a product vision document, outlining opportunities to create a unique selling point for the product.
Communicated design direction to stakeholders via weekly meetings.


Created an edtech product in four months based on real user feedback.Gained insights into user attitudes and needs to support the project moving forward.Showcased the learning materials of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in a new way, and introduced new mobile friendly activities for users.

An early user flow for Code Club World.
Wireframes showing early ideas.
User testing feedback collected in Figjam.
The responsive block programming interface.
The Code Club World home page.

Planet Coaster Console


The Challenge

Planet Coaster Console is a theme park management game that I worked on as Lead UI Designer during my time at Frontier Developments. The challenge was to bring the PC interface of Planet Coaster into player’s living rooms, allowing them full control over a detailed simulation game with a gamepad. As I was the Lead UI Designer on the PC version, I was well placed to tackle the conversion to console.

The Team

As Lead UI Designer I directly managed a Graduate UI designer, as well as working with UI developers, game designers and the rest of the game team.


Researched games which attempt to solve the problem of porting PC interfaces to console, Sims 4 console, Cities Skylines. Evaluated their strengths and weaknesses.Drew on my experience as Lead UI Designer on Jurassic World Evolution in terms of what works for a console management game.Recognised and evaluated difficulties users experienced in the PC version of Planet Coaster, notably object categorisation, setting up rides for the first time, and a lack of tutorials.


Defined and iterated on a core interaction scheme, which would allow users to move between interface interaction, and interacting with the world in a seamless way.Evangelised modal interaction design meaning the user had fewer, clearer interactions at any one time.Worked with the Graduate UI Designer to create a design system of modular and reusable components.Worked with game developers and designers to develop prototypes for camera controls, and quickly integrate this with a prototype UI.Created my own prototyping tool to quickly test hypothetical user flows using a gamepad.Conducted user tests using prototypes to evaluate categorisation of menus and control scheme.


Created a simple and intuitive control scheme which could be applied to all interactions, with common controls between different panels.Shipped intuitive coaster creation controls which were easier and more immediate to use than the PC version.

The HUD interface from Planet Coaster Console.
The path builder interface of Planet Coaster Console.
The coaster building interface of Planet Coaster Console.
The staff hiring interface of Planet Coaster Console.

Jurassic World Evolution


The Challenge

Jurassic World Evolution is a construction and management game that I worked on as Lead UI Designer during my time at Frontier Developments. The challenge was to create a cross platform UI which would empower users to survey and manage their own Jurassic Park.

The Team

As Lead UI Designer I directly managed a team of three UI designers and artists. I also worked with UI developers, game designers and the rest of the game team.


Played and analysed fan favourite game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, to draw on the strengths of its user interface design.Worked with the Senior UI Artist to analyse and draw on themes of the UI from the Jurassic World filmDrew on my experience as Lead UI Designer for park sim Planet Coaster, and the cross platform UI of Elite: Dangerous which I worked on as Senior UI Designer.Created personas for different player types based on experience making Planet Coaster, and analysing the market to which Jurassic World appeals.


Worked with developers and game designers to get a complete game loop implemented early, so we could evaluate its effectiveness and iterate.Created, assigned and managed the workloads of members of the UI design team.Created high level diagrams of information architecture for the game's interaction design system, including a central full screen view for park management.Worked with game designers to re-evaluate core game systems and ensure they would be clearly understood by players.Worked with UI developers to create a rich interactive map so users could survey their park in real time.


Led the UI design team to create an interface which was enjoyed by fans of the franchise, and allowed users control over their park.Created a fully cross-platform interaction design system which meant users could seamlessly switch between keyboard & mouse and gamepad with no impact on their experience.

The dinosaur status panel from Jurassic World Evolution.
The buggy controls from Jurassic World Evolution.
The interactive map from Jurassic World Evolution.
The island unlocked screen of Jurassic World Evolution.




Senior UI/UX Game Designer, 2021-present


Decentraland (Web App)
Senior UI/UX Game Designer, 2021-present

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Senior Product Designer, 2019-2021

As a Senior UI Designer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, I was involved with several responsive web design projects. I was the design lead on a new learn-to-code web app, Code Club World.

My tasks regularly included:

User experience design (experience mapping, wireframing, prototyping)User interface designUser researchArt direction and illustrationProduct visionCreating and maintaining design systemsAnalysing analytics dataCreating marketing assets and copywriting


Code Club World (Web App)
Senior Product Designer, 2021-present

Coolest Projects (Website)
Senior Product Designer, 2020-2021

Astro Pi (Website)
Senior Product Designer, 2019-2020

Frontier Developments

Lead UI Designer, 2016-2019

As a Lead UI Designer at Frontier Developments, I led UI development on several cross platform video game titles, including Planet Coaster Console, Jurassic World Evolution, and Planet Coaster.

My tasks regularly included:

User experience designUser interface designCreating and maintaining design systemsArt directionStrategyHiring and mentoringProviding feedback to outsource studios

Senior UI Designer, 2014-2016

As Senior UI Designer, I was responsible for the user interface and experience of Elite: Dangerous. I was the main UI designer for the project from Alpha to release.

UI Artist, 2014-2014
Graduate UI Artist, 2013-2014

As a UI artist I contributed to the interfaces for the console games Zoo Tycoon and ScreamRide.


Planet Coaster Console (PS5, Xbox Series X)
Lead UI Designer, 2018-2019

Jurassic World Evolution (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
Lead UI Designer, 2017-2019

Planet Coaster (PC)
Lead UI Designer, 2015-2017

Elite: Dangerous (PC, Xbox One)
Senior UI Designer, 2014-2015

ScreamRide (Xbox 360, Xbox One)
UI Artist, 2014

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
Graduate UI Artist, 2013

Disney Interactive Studios

Production Intern, 2011-2012

As an intern at Disney Interactive Studios, I assisted the Art Director in providing feedback to external game studios and in creating pitches for new games.


Disney Universe (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC)
Production Intern, 2011


BSc (Hons) First Class, Multimedia Development
Robert Gordon University, 2009-2013

Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education, Computer Science and Mathematics
The University of Edinburgh, 2007-2009


Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch

Project management
Trello, JIRA, Hansoft

C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS


Indie game development
I have developed and released two mobile games, find out more on the Birdpop website.

I regularly post cute illustrations to my instagram page.